Sunday, October 24

Problems with Action Scenes.

So after finally getting to my draft 6 revisions, or making notes for draft 7, I've realized something.

I'm pretty awful when it comes to action scenes.

Going through my first official action scene, I've ended up with about a dozen notes on one page. It's pretty sad:

That would be half of the page.

I wonder if this'll be what Shadowed looks like, once I revise it. Well, if I win Nano, anyway. Hopefully I do. There's less than 2 weeks before Nano begins, and I'm getting kind of worried...

- E


  1. Hey, Ella. What program are you using to set up notes like that?

  2. It's just Word 2007, under the "review" tab. I highlighted the phrase and clicked on "new comment" to make those notes :)

  3. Oh, thanks. I have Works. Probably why I haven't found it.


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