Thursday, April 21

Florida Adventure.

I know it's been really quiet on here lately, but! it's not exactly my fault. Well, not really. For the past few days, I've been away on a band trip to Florida, where we marched in a parade around City Walk and played at Universal Studios. It was pretty awesome (except for the parade, which I might as well say that it felt like I was drowning in my own pool of sweat), and it was very fun. In fact, when the plane landed in Indianapolis, I didn't want to get off at all. My friend and I were having a conversation about it, too, of our dislike for leaving Orlando.

Me: Don't you just LOVE the smell of corn? Ahhhh. Breathe it in!
Friend: I don't want corn! I want the smell of roller-coasters and fast food...
Me: Sorry. We're in Indiana now.

The best part, I think, was when we got to the hotel the first night. Our curfew was in three hours, and my roommates and I hadn't eaten dinner yet. So we ordered pizza, sat in the lobby, (which had been occupied solely by bandies, and which was right next to the pool) and hung out. Talked about guys. The usual. It was nice and relaxing and pretty cool. Of course, there were other awesome parts about Florida, but just the peace and quiet from a hectic day at Sea World (our first destination) made it amazing. Especially since by the time I got to the hotel, I was soaking wet (I rode a water roller-coaster exactly fourteen times, and the thirteenth time, when I was sitting in the front, water sloshed literally right over me). Like I said, it was nice.

I couldn't exactly call Florida a vacation though. Sure we spent every day at an amusement park for at around 8 hours, but it was still exhausting. The actual calming time at an amusement park was when we sat down to listen to the jazz band play. Plus, there was the time when my friends and I went to the Arcade, found a $20 on the ground, and played a bunch of games. I actually didn't mind staying there for the rest of the day. (The games were addicting. Plus I could've won an iPod Touch.)

Really though, there's just something different about going to another state with a large group of your friends, who's almost like your family, than actually going somewhere with your real family. The plane ride with them, hanging out with them at was a memorable trip to say the least. I really do miss Florida, but I can't stay there forever. I have to come back, make up for the homework I missed, and then figure out how to edit the rest of my manuscript.

In other words, back to the usual.

- E

P.S. For those who ask, I play the French horn :D


  1. My Junior Honor Society is going to Six Flags Over Texas on April 30th. I have to get up at six on a Saturday but it'll definitely be worth it.

    (I see you're reading City of Fallen Angels. I recently bought that but have to read a few other books first.)

  2. I had to get up at 2am for Florida, since we had to meet at the school by 3. I ended up getting only one hour of sleep.

    I'm not too far into the book yet, but it's pretty all right so far. It's taking time for the action to build though(:


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