Saturday, August 13

Scratchings and Schedules.

Nope. Forget it. I'm scratching Catch Me.
I know, I know. The one thing that most writers fear is starting on a novel, then abandoning it before he or she finishes the manuscript. Or gets it published. Or anything else. And I suppose I should know better--I should probably keep it until the end and then make the final decision.

But I already feel like Catch Me isn't going to work, and I tend to trust my gut feeling right from the start when it comes to writing. If I feel like it isn't going to work, then it isn't going to work, and I'll say goodbye. And then, that's that.

Part of it, I guess, is because I really miss Depravity and its whole set of urban fantasy. Maybe contemporary fiction really isn't my thing. Maybe I'm bad at writing about a girl who has OCD. Maybe I just didn't connect with my characters. There are a bunch of reasons, and I don't even know the primary one. But the point is...I'm scratching it.


But now it's back to Depravity and I'm super excited! Time to knock off a few things on my list of Things to Do to Draft Eight before school starts. And also today, I'm seeing Captain America...should be fun, hopefully. At least, a lot of people said it was good. Band camp ended yesterday, school starts Tuesday, along with homework and band practice. Oh, and my schedule:

Mod 1: Resource
Mod 2: Physics I
Mod 3: AP U.S. History
Mod 4: English 10 Honors
Mod 5: Band & Lunch
Mod 6: Chemistry I
Mod 7: Spanish III
Mod 8: Pre-Calculus Honors

Mahh...does not sound fun at all. >.>  Well, wish me luck!

- E


  1. I hate that feeling, though usually it derives from not enough planning. I have a few projects stored in my files that I started and then just lost inspiration for. You never know, though, one day, you may start to feel the itch...

    My schedule:
    1st Pre-AP Geometry
    2nd Pre-AP Biology 1
    3rd Introduction to Agriscience
    4th Pre-AP English
    5th Oklahoma History
    6th Computer Applications 1

  2. That's always true...and I was too lazy to plan Catch Me, so I can see what you mean.
    And ig, Biology. Did not like it at all. >.<


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