Monday, June 13

Have a secret about me.

Do you see all the "Ella" on this blog? Ella's Muse,, "*waves* I'm Ella"...all of these indicate that my name is indeed Ella.

Well, actually, it's not.

It's a blog name. Or, more accurately, it's a pen name for my writer self. My name isn't Ella (but my name does start with an E), and I actually wanted to be frank with everyone because, well, it seemed like a good time to finally...let it out. There's a reason why I don't sign "-Ella" at the end of my blog posts, after all.

There's a story behind my naming (Ella, not my real name), actually, and I'll probably talk about it some time later. But for now, my real name isn't Ella...and I hope everyone can accept that. :P

- E

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