Monday, June 27

I wrote 2,000 words today.

I kid you not, I really did.

My goodness. 2,000 words.

While studying PSATs and rereading The Lightning Thief.

2,000 words.

This really is a Big Deal to me because I rarely ever write more than a thousand on a daily basis, and until lately, I've barely even written that much. It's really pathetic, I know, but I get distracted so easily. I wrote these 2,000 words in one sitting too, while munching on toasted almonds and drinking pink guava juice and listening to nothing. It sounds like a weird combination, but hey, I guess it works.

- E


  1. Nice! (You know, I should probably follow you, and go get a few words down...)

  2. -is jealous- I need a writing kick like that right now. Firstly, because I'm stuck on this week's story. Secondly because I have some big summer goals and the summer is slipping away without me getting any closer to them.

    Have you read Throne of Fire yet?

  3. Riv, I'm jealous of you. You're way ahead of me D:

    I thought summer's been pretty slow lately...although if you think about how we only have about a month or so left until school, it's actually pretty fast. >.> And nope, I haven't read any of the Kane Chronicles, although I probably should...


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