Monday, October 31

Bad Blogger (I fail.) / Scary movies / Happy Halloween!

And I apologize.

I've just had so much homework, with the first quarter ending and everything...and Spanish III. Oh my goodness, Spanish III is killing me. I'd drop it right now if I don't need it for my Academic Honors Diploma. Oh the things I do to get into a good college >.>

However, marching band's ending soon! Which kind of makes me sad...since I actually look forward to marching band (unlike my older sister). We have one more competition left, and then concert band starts. I'm kind of iffy on my feelings towards playing French horn's a difficult instrument, but it sounds so pretty. And I love playing it. But it's difficult, so...

Oh, and there's one more thing I'd like to mention.

Pottermore. Heard of it? Hopefully you have. If you haven't, just go here. Watch the video of J.K.'s legit, it really is. At first I thought it was some fan made thing (and there are actually some Twilight copies of it around), but it's not. And I'm super excited for it, even though we all know that if witches and wizards and Hogwarts truly existed, it'd be even better.

Also, scary movies. Do you enjoy watching them? I absolutely love them, even though I haven't seen many. This sudden outburst might be because that today's actually Halloween...and I'm so anti-social that I'm neither trick-or-treating nor ("nor", right?) passing out candy. Instead I'm staying home, doing homework, and hiding from the front door. Which I think is ridiculous...but I've got to do what I've got to do to stay hidden.

All right, so this blog post seems to be all over the place. :P

Just letting everyone know that I am indeed still alive :D

- E

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  1. Oooh, Kaleb Nation is the one who made the Twilight parodies. I love him. :)

    I haven't gotten around to signing up for Pottermore yet. Too busy.


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