Saturday, December 31

2012 !

It's not 2012 yet, but it's very, very close. 4 hours and 33 minutes for me. Anyone watching the ball drop at New York City? Anyone going to the ball drop? Because if you are, I'm extremely jealous. >.>

This blog post isn't going to have much words in it. I'm just sharing a bunch of pictures with everyone...these pictures belong to their respectful owners, and I found every single one of them on We Heart It.

Before I post them though, does anyone have any New Years resolutions?

This has absolutely nothing to do with 2012.
I just felt like adding this because I thought it was hilarious.
Ha ha ha. :P

So, 2012 begins tomorrow. Will we survive the dreaded APOCALYPSE? Only time will tell.
Here's to not dying before 2013, eh? Cheers!

- E

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