Monday, March 5

February's update of The Ink Timeline.

What I recently found online: An article on the traits of a Mary Sue character. Basically, an article on What Not to Give Your MC. I thought it was pretty entertaining if not a little intimidating. And mind wracking (although some parts of the article are just a little weird). Because eventually during the middle of the article, you will start comparing the article's list of traits to your own MC's list of traits (or you will have a sudden revelation that your MC is, in fact, a Mary Sue). Which, I suppose, is the point. o.o

This post is going to be about me. (And something I'd [reluctantly] like to mention over what I'm about to read.)

As some of you might know, on January 19th I made a post about the Ink Timeline which basically stood as a list of writing goals I hope to make by the end of this year, labeled in chronological order with a time limit per goal. The goals of the timeline include: finishing the GOoD (Giant Outline of Dread--and I did change what the acronym stands for because after starting the GOoD, I've dreaded finishing it ever since), finishing the WAPs (Wikia Article Profiles--world building documents based off the format of Wikipedia articles), revising Depravity, and writing/revising Shadowed.

My first goal was to finish both the GOoD and the WAPs during the months of January and February. Because today is March 5th I should be done with them both, right?

Ha ha ha.

By my count, this is what I have finished so far:
  • 16/26 WAPs
  • Like 1/20 of the GOoD
  • Revisions of the prologue and chapter one of Depravity
  • All of the Pre-GOoD (an outline of events that took place leading up to the start of Depravity)
But look. At least I did something with my life during that time. I just didn't do enough. Which, by the way, will not happen again. I've extended my timeline so that (basically) I'll have until the end of April to finish what I should have finished by the end of February, and I'll have to write more during the July-August time span. Which is perfectly fine since I'll be on break, as long as marching band doesn't barge in and ruin everything.

The thing is though, what worries me the most aside from finishing the GOoD is finishing the WAPs. That requires a great deal of detail; I'm basically putting in whatever world building detail I can think of into one document, so I don't end up forgetting that detail or changing it up, or anything else, really, when I'm writing/revising. And it takes so looong. On Saturday, I had about fourteen of the WAPs done and I thought, "Oh, my gosh. I'm more than half way done." And for a moment I allowed myself to celebrate. And then I thought, "Oh, my gosh. If I'm half way done, then to finish it up I basically have to do it all over again."

So, wish me luck :]

- E

Note: On the reluctant part of this post: I'm about to read Marked by P.C. and Kristin Cast. I don't particularly want to read this book because I am a little tired of vampires, but the series has around, what, ten books now? And I'd really like to know what all the fuss is about. So, Marked. Here we go.


  1. I remember doing a Mary Sue test on one of my protagonists. She was a total Mary Sue, and though I loved her, I knew she was annoying so I cut the novel short.
    On the other hand, my latest novel is the anti-Mary Sue. And I love her even more. I think it depends on the story, however, for the Mary Sue test.
    And good luck!

    1. A Mary Sue test? I must take it for my protagonists o.o I'm impressed you were able to make that decision; I know a lot of people who became too attached to their WIPs and weren't able to make necessary changes. But I'm glad to hear about your latest novel ^-^

  2. I love TV tropes! The "personality" part of the article is basically describing Bella from Twilight, LOL. And Lisbeth Salander is basically the anti-Sue...

    I hope you complete your goals! Sometimes I find that setting definite goals actually makes it harder for me to finish them. It's a kind of backwards logic, but once I say "I'm going to do this" then I get nervous or bored and don't end up doing it on time, just because. Sigh. I need to work on that.

    1. I know o.o It definitely had a strong Twilight feel to it, and I still haven't read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo >.> It's very sad.

      Whenever I say "I'm going to do this" I usually don't end up doing it. But even when I don't say it, I still don't do it. So I guess it's better to say it than to not say it? Either way, I hope you do way better than me :]

  3. Wow Ella! This writing business is completely over my head. I wish I had something even a half bit intelligent to say, but I've got nothing. :) You're really talented, so I'm sure you'll make it through the timeline just fine! Basically, all of this writing terminology is new to me, so I'm really learning something. lol. But I do understand the timeline/goal pressure. I just sat down tonight and wrote out my March Reading Timeline/Schedule. I've got quite a few ARCs and review books to read and write reviews for, so I can send them back to the publishing houses & authors... and well I'm basically running out of time. It's all fun and good times till I put myself on a set deadline, I'm awful. Anyway, good luck!!! BTW, I went to read your TSPOLAFS review, but you said there were spoilers, so I'll definitely check it out once I read the book!

    1. Aw, thank you! And actually a lot of the writing terminology I used were acronyms I created for myself, so don't trust it too much ;] I envy that you have so many books to read, and such motivation to read and review all of them though. I can barely get through one book a week now, and sometimes I don't even read a book until like two or three weeks later. And ARCs! Very jealous.

      But good luck to you as well! And I really hope you enjoy The Stat of Love (which my sister and I had dubbed). It was pretty great :]

  4. Wow, it's definitely always good to have goals, I'm impressed; mine are always way more vague. But real life does tend to get in the way doesn't it!
    Btw, I posted a blog award for you on my blog :) x

    1. I plan a lot when it comes to my writing, but I usually don't follow what I plan. I'm kind of all over the place sometimes :]

      I'll try to get that award post up right away! Thanks again ^-^


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