Friday, March 16

Three Awards! Three Awards!

The amazing Sophie from Sophie's Writing Adventures has given me three blog awards! Three!

In order to accept these awards, I have to list seven facts about myself and then give a few other bloggers these awards as well. And then I must alert them of their amazing gift, which I'm actually pretty bad about doing. But hopefully this time it will all work out.

I have been awarded:

And for the third time! (yes, I must brag about it):

Because Sophie listed a total of seven instead of listening seven for each (like I had last time), I shall do that as well. So, here I go.

1. In reply to one of Sophie's seven things, I've recently discovered that I absolutely hate peeling shrimp. It's so, so disturbing. And messed up. Like tearing off the head, and its tiny...leg things. <-- I'm sure there's a proper term for that, but I frankly don't remember much at all of what I learned last year in Biology.

2. Despite not remembering what I learned in Bio, I'm about to take AP Bio next year. Which is great, right?

3. On the majority of the Harry Potter Sorting quizzes I've taken, I have gotten either Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. On the most recent one I've taken, I have gotten Slytherin. We'll see how this plays out once I take the legit Pottermore quiz in April.

4. I am somewhat multilingual. I can speak English, some Mandarin, and about three years worth of Spanish.

5. I love Cheetos. I can eat a whole entire bag of it in one day (although I definitely haven't and probably wouldn't).

6. Probably the only sport I pay attention to is tennis. With that being said, the only sport I watch on TV is tennis as well, and the only channel I really watch on TV is the Food Network.

7. Ironically enough, despite writing YA Fantasy, I'm starting to like YA Contemporary a lot more. I just can't write it.

And now the other bloggers who will receive these awards!

Mag (Geek Chic)
Smiling_Ina (Smiling_Ina's Bookish Corner)
Brooke (Paper Mountain)
Riv (Riv Reads)
Olivia (The Reading Enchantress)

Hurray! And thank you again Sophie for these amazing awards :]

- E


  1. Congrats, Ella! You totally deserve these awards! I was stopping by to tell you congratulations and I was very surprised that you passed me on another award. So, thank you very much! :) I was just thinking about getting my award post up, earlier today. I received the "One Lovely Blog" award like two weeks ago, but I've been taking my time in choosing blogs to pass along that award and the earlier one you gave me. I've finally got a list together, so hopefully I'll get to that before long :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    1. Thank you Olivia :] And of course, you deserve them as well!

  2. I only just saw you posted this! Haha, awesome.. yay :D Glad you were happy to receive these.
    Yes, I probably cheated a little but hey ho... seven facts alone is quite difficult to come up with!!! I love reading them though, really interesting! Peeling shrimp sounds horrible.
    And that's so weird, tennis is the only sport I can follow too - I love it! It's the only sporting thing each year that I really get into.
    And I'm hufflepuff on pottermore, haha! Good times. Will be exciting for you to find out!
    Anyway, great answers :) xx

    1. Thank you again for giving me these awards Sophie ^-^
      I know what you mean...this post actually took me nearly half an hour to write because I spend most of the time trying to think of seven things about myself o.o Peeling shrimp is horrible. *Shudders*

      Yay for tennis :] Do you play? And ohh I see, you have a Beta account on Pottermore. I am extremely jealous. Extremely >.>

      Thanks again!


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