Monday, April 23

Hang on! Let me explain...

Before everyone panics about this blog's inactivity (because of course everyone would be panicking about that, of all things), I have to explain myself.

1) It is completely natural, I think, to be inactive during the months of March - May, mostly because during this time, the hardships of finals and AP testing has finally dawned on the blogger. Well I guess it really depends on how motivated to blogging, how enthusiastic and dedicated such a blogger is, and in my case I just don't fit that mold. Not right now anyway. But my point is, the months of March, April, and May are like catch-up/revelation months for me, months where one realizes just how important school has become and starts cramming and cramming and cramming. It also doesn't help that most of the harder units within my classes are being taught during these months.

2) Ella...stressed! Man, do I really not want to say that. I'm not a blogger of my emotions and Issues-in-Life (at least I don't think I am), so coming out and saying this makes me feel kind of weird. But anyway. I am actually very, very stressed out. I've been taking naps frequently, eating a bunch of random food, and (do not freak out) skipping lunch during school*. Too much information, perhaps? Well either way, I've found myself staying up until midnight often trying to finish work. This doesn't even include trying to figure out what to blog, or what else to contribute to the MRRC (and I haven't contributed much at all! AT ALL! This is pretty bad), or what else to read and review and enjoy. And write. And speaking of trying to figure out what to blog, I haven't. Figured out what to blog, I mean. Well, except for this, which doesn't really count.

3) "Jumbled Muse" is what this blog should be called at the moment. All of my thoughts and ideas--musings, if you will--have all gotten jumbled up and mixed together at this time. I think this is more of my tendency to over think in situations, but still, there you have it. My ideas and Things I Have Learned This Year have been doing crossovers** in my brain, mixing up with classes and/or idea categories that they really shouldn't be mixing up in. And it's just very distracting.

4) I dislike math and physics, have I already mentioned that before? Oh, and AP tests. Especially a certain AP U.S. History test I'm taking in the first few weeks of May. And the PSATs. And GPAs. And how our grades aren't weighed. But enough on that.

5) Volunteer work and academic teams are killing me. For the former, I get my hours and I am immensely grateful for that but seriously: three straight hours grading papers, until seven o'clock? It's painful. I will not complain too much because it could be a lot worse, but honestly, it really is painful. And as for the latter, bleh to that as well. Think Spell Bowl for that, except Spell Bowl expands to include subjects such as English, Social Studies, Science, Math, and Fine Arts as well. And the material covered is much harder than spelling words. Well, maybe. I mean all of this is all based on perspectives and opinions. But either way, joining an academic team simply means extra work on your part.

And due to all of these reasons, my brain's automatically prioritized all of that up there^ by pushing them straight to the front of my mental Things To Do List. In turn, my brain has pushed activities such as blogging, and MRRC, and Goodreads, and reading to the bottom of the list. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry! I promise that after all of this is over, I'll come up with much more interesting posts. Well I mean, at least until summer starts and I go on vacation through the most of June...but let's just ignore that for now.

- E

* Seriously, though, don't freak out. The only benefit I get from not eating lunch is the feeling of freedom, which comes from knowing that I'll have a full 45 minutes to get a head start on homework, instead of the usual 25. And like waking up a little later in the morning, the time difference really matters. (Does this make me sound weird? I feel like it does.)

** Are they even called crossovers? See, normally I would know this. But right now, I just don't.

Among other things, I've finally gotten onto Pottermore and got sorted into Gryffindor. Huzzah.


  1. Hey, don't worry! You do what you need to do. I really hope the stress eases up for you.

    But really, you should probably eat lunch, even if it's just a little something while you study ;)

  2. Don't worry about taking time off! I'm a senior in high school and I have a bunch of AP's to take too!So I'm stressed there & I also volunteer & am The president of the National Honor Society in my you can see a break to focus on that is well needed. I'm also staying up late finishing work & missing a few lunches to catch up on work-so it's understandable.

  3. Thanks, Ella, because I really was starting to panic! ;) I hate saying, "don't worry," because really, when has someone ever saying "don't worry," kept me from worrying? Thank goodness, I no longer have to deal with the pressures of high school. However, for me, there's college in the fall and everyone keeps telling me Nursing is super hard, so I'm crossing my fingers that I don't completely freak out. Even though I wasn't going to, I'll say it anyway, don't worry, Ella! And like many have said, "Absense makes the heart grow fonder," so the less frequently you blog, the more exciting it is when you do! Hang in there :) -Olivia


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