Monday, May 28

The Pro's and Con's of Summer [that may or may not apply to you]

Hello guys! I'm back!

This is the part where you cheer or groan (hopefully not the latter) and congratulate me on surviving yet another busy school year, with AP tests and finals and what not.

Or, this is the part where you just stick to reading this post because you're surprised that either a) I'm still alive or b) I'm motivated enough to start blogging again. But let's just forget about that for now...

based on yours truly
Summer is usually either a time of relaxation or a time of stress, all based on the things you do and the people you meet during the time. For most students in high school, however, summer is the former, where many young adults get together to hang out and stay up late, and then make plans for the next day. For others around the same age...not so much.
PRO: NO SCHOOL! YOU DO GET TO STAY UP LATE AND SLEEP IN. No need to worry about waking up early or having a healthy breakfast to start off your brain because, hey, you don't really need it anymore! (I mean of course you do need it, but not necessarily for learning and studying.) 

CON: FOR SOME, THIS MEANS MORE TIME TO DO THE THINGS YOU DON'T WANT TO DO. And what in the world is that supposed to mean? Well for those who might not have the luxury of hanging out all the time due to whatever reason, having more time is like blatantly stating that you can't procrastinate or stall, or put off your work (summer job, volunteering, studying, etc.) any longer. After all, now you have more time to do it. Just like Macy Queen from The Truth About Forever (Sarah Dessen), now you suddenly have ample time to do all of the things you're simply pressured to do.

PRO: IT'S WARM! IT'S SUNNY! Why yes, the weather indeed is very nice, and the sky indeed is very blue. These are definitely influential factors in making someone happy.

CON: IT'S ALSO HOT AND HUMID AND BLEH. 'Course, there are also those days where the heat's simply suffocating your very existence.

PRO: IT'S TIME FOR SWIMMING, BBQ, CAMPING, PARTYING, ETC. Which kind of ties back to the fact that there isn't any school, but of course I'm talking about the ideal, almost fictional feel to a perfect summer night: parties, roasting s'mores, bonfires, and maybe even some alcoholic drinks as well (think contemporary fiction that's set in the summer. Again, I'll have to go back to Sarah Dessen for this one...)

CON: WELL MAYBE FOR OTHERS IT...ISN'T. Maybe for others, there is a different schedule involved. A schedule of prepping, studying, and late nights and early mornings of working.

PRO: THINGS CHANGE IN THE SUMMER. Perhaps for the better?


Whichever of these pro's and con's apply to you, I hope it's beneficial to you and will make your summer the best that it can be at the moment. If not, hey, you'll have plenty more summers to experience differently.

- E

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