Sunday, August 22

14 things you maybe didn't know about Ella Simmons

See this post to know what I'm talking about.

14. Like most writers, I get writer's block. And in order to cure the annoying thing, I walk to my treadmill and set it to 1 mile. And then I run.
13. I have this ping-pong table in my basement that occasionally acts as my writing desk.
12. I don't have a set "writing desk". Sometimes I'm writing on a chair, sometimes I'm writing on the ground, sometimes I'm writing on my lap while I eat breakfast.
11. The greatest number of books I've had on hold at the library at once is 20.
10. Although I'm occasionally accused of being a hermit, I live off of fresh air. If I don't get a small sample of fresh air at least once a day, my head feels like its being squeezed by a giant rubber band. Which leads to...
9. I love opening windows. Like my MC in Depravity, I also love sitting on the ledge of windows. (But I've only done that once and I can't do it when there are bugs flying outside.)
8. Writing with music serves nothing for my muse. I can't focus on both my writing and music at the same time, and I usually end up focusing on the former. The music just gets pushed away.
7. However, listening to music while staring out the window in a car is my ultimate muse-booster. So I still end up with a playlist of some kind.
6. My favorite color is navy, my favorite season is summer, my favorite candy is The Three Musketeers, and my favorite fruit is mangos.
5. I'm not particularly fond of MCs who are automatically good or kickass-good at something. But neither am I particularly fond of damsels in distress.
4. I'm a night person. I love the sun and the blue sky, believe me, but everything looks better at night. (If I could, I would become nocturnal.)
3. I hate wine, and I'll probably end up hating beer too. Wine tastes horrible. Absolutely, positively horrible. On my 21st birthday, I'll drink grape soda or something. Not wine.
2. After watching Avatar: The Last Airbender (the TV show, not the movie), I'd like to try Jasmine Tea. (I don't even know the name of my favorite tea--just that it's really, really good).
1. Ella Simmons isn't my real name.

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