Saturday, August 21

Shadowed: The Retelling of Thumbelina (Synopsis #1)

This is my current--and first--novel attempt for NaNoWriMo. The summary might change, but for now, this is what it is:

Genre: YA Dark Fantasy

Thumbelina was a girl born from the flowers. Maia is a girl born from the shadows.

In the land of Celeste lives orphan Maia Estelle, a sixteen-year-old girl who has had nightmares of harmless, but peculiar shadows for as long as she can remember. Her foster mother had disappeared, and her parents were presumably dead. So when Maia, who has nothing left to lose anymore, sees one of these shadows in her conscious state of mind for the first time, she is determined to follow it. But then a mysterious person shows up and cuts in, dispelling the shadow with a suspicious looking weapon.

He introduces himself as Zeric, a Prince of one of the twelve clans of faeries who are determined to overthrow the current king of the supposedly mythical, dystopian land of Troy. Prince Zeric requires Maia’s help to control the immensely powerful shadow spirits so he can obtain the throne. And if she does, he will take her to her foster mother, who is currently locked up in Troy.

However, Maia declines Zeric’s offer. In doing so, she somehow shatters the sheath the Prince’s clan had put on her—a sheath that hides her shadow abilities from everyone else of Troy. Now that her power is out in the open, many will target her for their own wants. And if Maia is to change her decision of the bargain, she better do it quickly; The King of Troy has issued an order to hunt the shadow spirits, and the number is slowly diminishing. Time is running out. Soon Maia, who is slowly grasping her control, must either learn to trust the Prince and restore Troy to its previous glory—or fend for herself.

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