Sunday, August 29

Why charlieissocoollike [like].

Introducing Charlie McDonnell, yet another British YouTube vlogger and hopeful musician. See, the video above is one of his "Challenge Charlie" videos, which, like the name suggests, is basically him taking challenge requests from fans. I've watched almost all of his videos (I've tried watching a lot of nerimon's, but he has...a lot. I've been keeping up with his recent ones though), and I love them. Seriously. I'm a huge fan.

Like Alex (did you know Charlie and Alex are really, really good friends?), Charlie is an important person to my writing life. Whenever it's slow, I can rely on Charlie for another challenge video to make me laugh, to ease the strain a bit. This applies to my school life as well. Also, take a look at this video:

See that shirt he's wearing? It was custom-made and everything, and fans bought it. It's blue, has his pictures from his popular video "Duet With Myself" (which features two of him in one video), and a quote from the same video that says, "You need to be able to love yourself", which is very inspiring.

But now it's sold out. And I'm sad. D=

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