Saturday, September 4

Mini-Entry: A few bits of things.

Stickaid broadcast: First and foremost, Charlie McDonnell and Myles Dyer, two amazing people from Britain are raising money for UNICEF by staying up for exactly 24 hours--and broadcasting it online. Their goal is 10,000 pounds (about $15,000). You can watch the current broadcast here, where both Charlie and Myles will be doing all sorts of things. Challenges, contests, quizzes...please take a look and DONATE. If you can.

You can donate here.

Books: On other things, I've finally gotten CLOCKWORK ANGEL by Cassandra Clare and I am tackling it like crazy. It's awesome so far. xD

Writing: I'm currently trying to work on Incandescent at the same time while watching the Stickaid broadcast and reading CLOCKWORK ANGEL. Very impressive multi-tasking, if you ask me. I'd say I've written about...oh...5 words so far.

- E

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