Saturday, September 18

Putting off Revisions.

A month ago, I decided to go on a revision break for my current WIP, Depravity. After searching through more than just a couple of writing articles, it's been clear to me that taking a break from one's novel, and then attacking it later on, refreshes the mind and makes it easier to point out flaws in the manuscript.

So that's what I did.

September 9th was my first end-of-the-break date. But when I realized that the 9th was a Thursday--a day of the week that, annoyingly enough, is the busiest for me--and I was already overloaded with homework and other activities, I realized September 9th just wouldn't work. So I'd moved it to the 12th, in full hopes that I wouldn't have any messed-up weekend events on that day. Because the 12th was a Sunday, and that's usually when I'm the most free.

But the 12th was the day after one of my most exhausting events of the month. Which means I couldn't do anything at all on the 12th, either. In fact, I'd completely forgotten about my revisions.

I dunno, but is high school supposed to be this stressful? Is it supposed to suck so much out of a student's "other life"? I mean, seriously. Jeez.

Now today, the 18th, almost a week over when the break should've ended, I'm still too busy working on my AP Geography project to do anything. All I know is that I'm particularly exhausted from high school. I miss middle school so much. The whole entire time I was just floating around, earning straight A's with ease.'s much harder. And I'm finding it extremely messed up that I can't write and balance my school activities.

This is literally procrastination to its max--at least for me, it is. Months ago, I'd wanted to finish Depravity by December, and then send off my query letters. Now? I'm not so sure anymore.

On the otherhand, Incandescent is coming along nicely.

- E

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