Wednesday, May 25

Finals, finals, finals.

Aaaghh! So much to do!

The only down side I can think of to school coming to an end is that all the students have to take finals. (That, and maybe not seeing your friends for a whole summer or more.) I remember the nice days when finals used to be easy. Surprisingly enough, I barely studied and was still able to pass with a solid A or higher. Those were the days when I didn't put too much effort into my work and still found the classes extremely easy. Well, I'm definitely not a genius (if I were a genius, I wouldn't be complaining about the difficulty of the Algebra II finals). But honestly, I miss those days.

In the midst of spending hours and hours on studying for Algebra II and Spanish (thank God my AP test is already over), I'm going to have to find time to write. Which...probably won't happen for awhile. School for me gets out next Wednesday, and then I have another few days of doing nothing before marching band season begins. And plus, thinking of that makes me happy. Because I'm a band geek :P

I'm looking forward to next week, mainly because all of my classes next week will just be made up of random stuff. Like watching movies and singing songs. And I'm betting (hoping) we'll have food. Lots and lots of food.

So when does school get out for you guys?

- E


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