Sunday, May 15

New novel.

I'm not usually the kind of person who works on two completely different projects at once, mainly because I absolutely suck at it. Nano would be a good example of my failure to stay organized and motivated. This time though, I won't be working on two projects at once. Not really.

It doesn't mean I'm giving up on Depravity though. I just feel like it's going really slowly, staggering along like a turtle. And the progress is just too slow, too uneventful; nothing happens anymore, and it isn't exactly because I'm procrastinating. I've lost a bunch of inspiration on urban fantasy and demon slayers, and patience on my revisions, and confidence on writing an actual series. I guess I've really just temporarily lost my taste. For me, changes of genres usually has to do with changes in life events, preferences, and what-not. And in this case, these changes have taken me to realistic fiction.

I have no idea what the novel's going to be called yet; as of now, it's title is "Unnamed". I've started outlining, which is something I didn't do (and probably should have done) for Depravity. The thing is though, writing realistic fiction for me has always been character driven, which makes outlines in my opinion more suitable and much easier to make. I'd start with characters, and I might not even need an outline for plot. The point of my realistic fiction novels is to get the complex characters from Stage 1 to Stage 2--or how many other stages it'll take until it's his or her last stage. Realistic fiction to me is fiction of growth and development. Oh, and symbolism is also key, too, in my novels.

So far, I'm still outlining my main female character, and then I'll be moving on to my MMC. This might take me several days to do, but I love planning my stories out. Just spewing out information is pretty freaking fun, and I definitely have a lot of ideas for this novel.

- E


  1. I'm planning on writing a new first draft next month, though it's far from realistic fiction.

    It's hard for me to just sit and plan. The ideas have to come to me for them to work.

  2. Hmm, then what genre is it? I tend to do a little bit of both. Usually if it's realistic, I outline first and then write random excerpts. It's the other way around for fantasy/paranormal.

  3. It's great that you have a lot of ideas for your novel! I just finished a novel for last year's NaNoWriMo and a script from this year's Script Frenzy, so now I'm a little tired but I think I have an idea for the next novel.

    Do you plan on doing NaNoWriMo this year?

  4. I'd realized I wanted to do Script Frenzy literally two days before it began, so then I pretty much gave up. I'm doing Nano again this year though :] I'm actually just starting my last Nano novel (the one that failed) all over again. Hopefully I'll actually get some serious writing done this time.

    What about you?

  5. I definitely plan on doing NaNoWriMo this year. I've got a two year win streak in that... don't want to lose it :)


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