Sunday, May 22

Musical inspirations.

I actually have a bunch on my playlist, but I'm going to share with you awesome people a couple of them. I don't really listen to...sophisticated music like Adele or Florence and the Machine (that's what I call sophisticated music, for some reason). I'm more of the, well, alternative/punk rock/pop kind of person. So...I'm stereotypical. Hm. That's what my sister calls me anyway.

Well, moving's playlist! Or part of it anyway:

The Adventure - Angels & Airwaves

Shadows and Regrets - Yellowcard

My Immortal - Evanescence

These songs make me so happy :3

And then, I've made a playlist for my "Unnamed" novel. Already. I know, I know. I should probably be concentrating on the actual manuscript before making a playlist. Ah well.

Na Na Na - My Chemical Romance

For The First Time - The Script

Chaoz Fantasy - Paragonx9
--because my MFC loves techno

What are your musical inspirations?

- E

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  1. I've only heard two of these songs before.

    Music isn't a huge part of my writing though sometimes I listen to it while writing. It all depends on my mood.

    The band All Caps plays music I enjoy. The songs either have good story lines or music that I like.


...share your musings too :]