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Cinderella the Bounty Hunter Part 1 -- Writing Prompt (#3.5))

This week's prompt was way too long for me to copy down (because I couldn't just copy and paste the text) so I made a screenshot of it.


Time slowed down when the dreadful news delivered. 

Cinderella blinked and stared at Lucy's foot, her fingers curling into fists. Ridiculous, she thought faintly. They can't believe this. Clearly it doesn't make sense. 

But clearly it did. Sir Matthew managed a pained smile and stepped back, taking the glass slipper with him. "Well now," he said, nodding as if he too was trying to shake away his shock. "Well now," he said again. He glanced at Cinderella for one brief second before switching his gaze to the girl on the armchair. "Your name is Lucinda, correct?"

Lucy bobbed her head up and down eagerly, looking like a broken doll. "Oh, yes," she said, her voice light with fake breathlessness. "Yes, I am. And may I say that I am positively honored--"

"Wait one second," said Cinderella. She stepped out from her hiding spot behind the single white pillar of the house and Theresa gasped. Cinderella ignored her and continued forward, her eyes only on Sir Matthew. She could not bare to let them go to the Prince. "That slipper," she said loudly, "does not belong to her. I know you know this, Sir Matthew. Does she sound like the girl you talked to last night at the ball? Does she have the same figure, the same appearance as the girl who danced with you, who made you laugh--"

"Stop this at once Cinderella!" Theresa said shrilly. She pointed one shaking finger at her, her chest heaving from the exertion. She seemed paler than usual, a contrast that satisfied Cinderella; she was so used to seeing her step mother with rich, but obviously artificial color on her cheeks. "You stop this at once, Cinderella. Your words are nothing but lies, nothing but poison to our Prince's ears." Her lips curled into a sneer. "Do you honestly think he cares for what you have to say?"

"No one knows what you are talking about, Cinderella," said Lucy with a small smile. She sat up straighter and patted down a few strands sticking out from her bun. "It was a masked ball. I had been wearing wig, you see," she said, turning to Sir Matthew, flashing him what she believed to be a dazzling smile. "My natural hair color is of course a dull brown. Blonde is just so much brighter in comparison, don't you think?"

"I am blonde," Cinderella pointed out, but Julissa merely shook her head. 

"Not your kind of blonde," she muttered, rolling her eyes. "Obviously not your kind. Yours is the color of soiled bricks, not the gold spun brilliancy Lucy wore last night."

Seething, Cinderella clamped her mouth shut, swallowing down a truthful and verbally violent retort that most likely would have earned her two days without food. She finally let her gaze flicker to the Prince, who had been staring at her the whole entire time. When their eyes met, she felt herself flush red, but the Prince remained impassive. The only indication that he felt anything was the twitch of the corner of his mouth. 

Cinderella swallowed, feeling suddenly very numb. She let her hands relaxed, but she felt nothing for the relinquishment of her anger. Her body seemed to have just lost its will to feel. "All right," said Cinderella quietly. She brought her eyes to the ground, a gesture she was so accustomed to by now. It felt right. Safe.

But no one was paying attention to her now. Sir Matthew was trying to wrench the glass slipper away from Lucy's greedy clutches while an insistent Theresa tried to convince him to let go. Julissa watched them, but she appeared as bored as always. Only Prince Charming seemed to have part of his attention on Cinderella.

Stupid, Cinderella told herself. He feels nothing. He doesn't even recognize me. And of course he didn't. Why would he? She was nothing more than a poor servant to her step mother and sisters. A dull color compared to Lucy's bright vibrancy and Julissa's bold shades.

Silently, while everyone else bickered over the glass slipper and wedding affairs, Cinderella slipped out of the room. But right as she left, she saw the Prince smile, as if he knew exactly what she was about to do.

I think I'll post Part 2 on Saturday o.o If I put the whole entire thing in one post, I dunno, it will clutter everything. And I hate cluttering. >.>

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Edit: You can no read Part 2 here. ^-^


  1. Can't wait to see the end!

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  2. I'll try not to disappoint :3 and thank you! ^-^

  3. I'm very excited to see what you come up with for the next installment. Your writing is so GOOD, especially given how young you are. :)

  4. Thank you so much! The writing style I used for this prompt actually felt pretty awkward o.o It was too formal for me, and in real life I'm not a very formal person at all ^-^

    Thank you again!


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