Wednesday, January 11

The Creative Writing Prompt Introduction / The Greasy Paper Plate (#1)

In order to motivate myself to do my Spanish homework, I decided to get my brain going by using this nifty web site: Creative Writing Prompts for brain juice...flowingness. I dunno if that made any sense (or if Spanish homework even needs brain juice creativity, but let's just forget about that part) but...I found that site a long time ago, though I just never had the motivation to do much with it. I guess that's changed now. Who knows?

These things will be weekly! I know, I know. I barely even post monthly, so how could I possibly post weekly?

Ah, but one of my new year resolutions is to be a better blogger. So...there you go.

Anyway, here's this weeks.

Close your eyes briefly and think of one object in the room. Focus on it and try to recall as much detail as you can about it. After 3 minutes or so, open your eyes and write about that object without looking at it.

The Greasy Paper Plate

You are on the table, next to my netbook, taunting me like--like those pigs in Angry Birds (after I lose). You, with your grease spots and stains, compelling me to grab another blueberry muffin. Because once upon a time--well, five minutes ago--you once had a muffin upon you, but now that muffin is gone, consumed. By me.

You are white, but not completely clean; round, and not completely smooth. You were once a plate for pizza, a plate my dad picked up from Sam's Club. But you were left alone, by yourself, while the other plates were gradually thrown away one by one. But you, you were left alone until the moment my older sister put a blueberry muffin on you and carried it to me. You were the last paper plate. And now, you too are gone.

My sister asks me if I'm done with you, and almost without a second thought, I say, "Yes, yes I am", still with my eyes closed. I hear her move to the kitchen and the rustle of the plastic bag of the trashcan as you are dumped inside. I should feel guilty, parting with you, but I don't. I don't. All I can think about was how lovely that blueberry muffin looked on you.

I'm not sure why, but I really couldn't take this prompt seriously. Maybe it's because if I had, then it would've sounded REALLY boring. And dull. Possibly. Hm. Maybe you found what I just wrote dull as well. And silly. And ridiculous. 

Until next week then? :D

- E


  1. Weekly prompts can be very inspiring. I did a project similar to this last year except I had to write a whole 1,000-10,000 word story for each. if you're interested. They're not posting new prompts this year but you can still go through the old ones.

    In time with you being a better blogger, while blogging more regularly is part of that, you should also follow and comment on others blogs. Is another teenage girl you might be interested in reading about. ^^

  2. Hm, that sounds really interesting. I think I might go through the old ones some time--if I have time--but I probably won't blog about it. Though it might motivate me to post more o.o

    And you're absolutely right. I think I'll take a peek ^-^


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