Monday, January 16

Why I'm bad with vocabulary -- Writing Prompt (#2)

Get a dictionary and choose 10 5 words from it without looking at the definitions. Write them down and create definitions for them. What do the words make you think of? What do you think they should mean?


Oh, this brings back memories of SAT studying. The Critical Reading section of the SATs is supposed to be the most difficult section for a reason. Vocabulary is some difficult stuff (<--see? I used "difficult" twice. That's some serious vocabulary list I have in my head) Especially for me. Which might sound weird coming from an aspiring writer, but let's just forget about that for now.

If you do happen to know what these words mean beforehand...well. Don't laugh. I mean it -.-

- VESPERTINE: Did you know that Google Chrome says that this isn't even a word? It has a red squiggly line underneath it right now. Hrm. Interesting.
Anyway. I'm going to break this down: vesper + tine = vespertine. So what's a vesper? No clue. For some reason it reminds me of a snake (probably because it's sort of similar to the word "viper"), so I'm going to say that it's someone with...snake-like attributes. Or um...something slithery? Slimey? I'm just assuming this is a noun >.>
- MUGWUMP: Wait a second. Google Chrome says "vespertine" isn't a word, but when it comes to a word like "mugwump", it says it is one? Ridiculous, I'm telling you >.<
So mugwump. Probably an adjective. Definitely not having anything to do with mugs (just assuming that right now). Um...let's see. I'd be lying if I said that the first image that popped in my head when I saw this word wasn't an image of a mug, but that has nothing to do with the definition, I'm sure of it. It's probably an insult. Probably an offensive word someone would use. Like, "Hey, you're such a mugwump." Oh wait. That would make it a noun then o.o
- INCURSION: Curses? Cutting? Wait, no, that's incision. I think. Agh. I really don't know this one, I don't. All I can think of is incision right now.
- PURBLIND: All right, this one looks like pure-blind. Like "pure blood" but instead of blood, it's blind. So then...someone who's completely blind? No, that's too direct. Um. The definition of this word doesn't reflect anything good. There.
- VICISSITUDE: A pretty weird word to pronounce. Its pronunciation is equivalent to that of the name "Narcissus". Lots of "sss". Like a snake. Rhymes with "attitude". All I can think of is someone with some kind of harsh, offensive personality. But I really have no clue.

Well there you go. Some literary embarrassment right there, I guess. At least I can spell (what? what is this spell check you speak of?)

Reviewing Hourglass later today! And Happy MLK Day ^-^

- E


- VESPERTINE: of, pertaining to, or occurring in the evening (way off with this one)
- MUGWUMP: a person who is unable to make up his or her own mind on an issue (bah. so it is a noun)
- INCURSION: an invasion of a place or territory (eh. cutting into a territory, maybe?)
- PURBLIND: nearly or partially blind (close enough)
- VICISSITUDE: a change or variation occurring in the course of something (right, I completely failed this one.)


  1. really difficult collection of vocabulary word.
    i can,t pronounce any vocabulary word properly...

    TOEFL vocabulary flashcards
    ACT vocabulary flashcards

    1. I know what you mean. there can only be so many vocabulary words I can remember... >.>

    2. yap! i agree with you Ella!!!!!!
      you are 15-year-old great writer...
      Keep it up....

    3. Thanks very much ^-^


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