Sunday, February 12

A cloud of Who I Am.

First off:

Found here.
A reference to The Fault in Our Stars. By John Green. Review of this book coming tomorrow.


I actually got this blog post idea from I Eat Pringles While Holding a Picasso, even though I am not a tumblr person, and I might not ever be. This blog post will be short and to the point, because at this moment, I feel short and to the point having just finished The Fault in Our Stars about an hour ago which was a book that can make anyone feel short and to the point and absolutely enlightened. It's also a book that influences you to not use commas, as you can see. And I use PLENTY of commas. Or have used plenty.


Ella (<--pen name). Fifteen. Indiana. Writer. Bookworm. Ramen. Sushi. John Green. Harry Potter. Procrastinator. Band geek. Navy blue. Hayao Miyazaki. MathHater. Sarah Dessen. Cheetos. Food Network. DDR. Jack's Mannequin. Keane. Depravity. Spearmint. Piano. Ravenclaw-Slytherin. <--Somehow. 

That is all? ^-^

Like I said, my review of The Fault in Our Stars should be up tomorrow and you will all be able to read my genius thoughts of this genius book. I'm not sure when Chapter 3 of A Rush of Needles will be posted. And, I'm not sure when I'll get started on If I Die with my current homework load.

But that's okay :3 I'd love to read some of your clouds!

- E


  1. Miyazaki! Apparently there's another Studio Gibli coming out soon. I can't wait. :)

    Can't wait for your tFioS review!

    1. Ahh! I know :D The Secret World of Arrietty? I just watched the trailer and it looks *amazing*. The guy's voice in it though reminds me a lot of Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke. But ah well :3

      You must read The Fault in Our Stars if you haven't already. It is probably one of the best books I have ever read o.o


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