Tuesday, February 21

An update on the WAPs and GOD, and everything else.

Over the weekend, I decided to get down to business.

There were several things I'd messed up on, when it came to following the Ink Timeline. According to the Ink Timeline, I have almost a week before I should be done with both my WAPs (Wikia-Article Profiles) and my GOD (Giant Outline of Doom).

Ha ha. Right.

Out of the twenty six WAPs I'm supposed to have finished by the start of March, I have written about fourteen of them. I have not exactly started on GOD, but Sunday night, I did start on the Pre-GOD, which is a timeline on What Happened Before the Start of the Series. Background information, basically.

This was a conversation I had with myself on Sunday night:

Me: No. Stop blogging. Write demon WAP.
Brain: Yeah, but you still have, like, two more of Mag's questions to answer for the tags.
Me: Nononono. Must flesh out info on demons. Must...flesh out...info.
Brain: Oh look. Susan Dennard is following you on Twitter.
Brain: Yeah. I'm surprised too.
Me: *flails arms* Thatisthecoolestthingever! I haven't tweeted a single thing about her though!
Brain: So how about those tag questions?
Me: ...
Brain: And that Spanish homework?
Me: No. Can't do homework. Write demon WAP.

A typical mental war I wage on myself^

Then, at around ten the same night, I started having second thoughts.

Me: Okay, so...elemental WAP, check. Demon WAP, check...WAIT A SECOND.
Brain: ...
Me: What came after Event X?
Brain: I dunno. How about you check that GOD you NEVER FINISHED?
Me: What are you talking about? It wouldn't be there in the first place....Oh.
Brain: Oh?
Me: Oh. I need to make a Pre-GOD.
Brain: So like...?
Me: So like a timeline on the events that took place before the start of Book 1. Like all the foreshadowing, background info, Reasons Why This Event Happened in Book 1 stuff.
Brain: Ohh.
Me: Yeah. Oh.

So basically, I have to finish my WAPs, my GOD, my Pre-GOD, and printing the other 200-something pages of my current Depravity draft. All in a week. Or, I could just not follow my Ink Timeline. That choice seems much better than the other one...

- E


  1. Oops. Now I feel bad for distracting you...;) But tbh I find your conversations with your brain very fun, and rather Alvin Fernald-ish. Ever read those books? Anyway.

    1. Nah, it's fine :] And no, I haven't. Googling Alvin Fernald now :P

  2. -whispers- Who is Susan Dennard?

    I feel like this all the time, when you've got a million things to do and you can't decide which one you should concentrate on. So usually I end up starting all of them and not finishing any.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with this. In my opinion, it's perhaps one of the hardest things when it comes to writing--the whole multi-tasking bit, I mean.

      -whispers- This is her.


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