Saturday, February 4

I'm bringing FictionPress back!

I know this might sound completely sudden and random to you, but once upon a time, I had a FictionPress account (you can find it here). I was actually going to post Shadowed on FictionPress once I finished it during NaNoWriMo, and revise it during the process, but that plan changed when I didn't finish Shadowed. I abandoned my account for some time after that, until last night, when I decided to "reactivate" it (though after a hard time trying to remember my password).

It started with a new idea for a story, another supernatural, paranormal, urban fantasy of a WIP. This time, however, it doesn't have anything to do with demons, or demon slayers, or elves and dimensions. This time, it's about puppets.

No no no, don't worry, it's not about these kind of puppets:

'tis here.

(which frankly scares the crap out of me; you could make a horror movie out of this, I swear. It'd be like Chuckie.)

They're these kind:

'tis here.
(which, I've got to admit, also seems pretty scary--but it's not supposed to be this drastic)

The blurb I have on FictionPress is currently:
When sixteen year old Nell Carlton stumbles upon a strange man encased in needles, she is brought into the dangerous world of the puppets and their human puppeteers, where she must find her role and learn about her abilities to help a supernatural guild.
But the much lengthier, and more in-depth version is currently:
Cornelia "Nell" Carlton lives a chaotic life; her brother is an alcoholic, her parents can't control their OCD, and Nell herself is suffering through periodic anxiety attacks. But when she meets a strange man encased in what seems to be wooden needles, her life becomes even more chaotic. Suddenly, Nell is brought into the world of the puppets and their human masters, the puppeteers, organized into one guild known as the Rune. But the puppets are not what Nell expects them to be. They appear to be human on the outside, and very much different on the inside; they possess special abilities and bonds with their puppeteer, and they are immensely powerful. But how is Nell, a normal human, able to control Roy, her very own puppet? And just how exactly does the Rune expect Nell to be of any use to them in their protection against the sudden influx of needle-wielding creatures when Nell doesn't even know anything about herself?
I've uploaded the first chapter (around 2100 words--not too much compared to Depravity) to FictionPress and you can read it here. The story is dubbed A RUSH OF NEEDLES. If you have a FictionPress account, I'd be more than happy if you leave me a review (I don't think anyone has yet). But if you don't, you could just leave one here ^-^

I probably won't be focusing on A Rush of Needles too much, so I won't be adding it to my Ink Timeline or anything. Depravity and Shadowed are my top priority right now. ARoN will probably just be a side thing, something I'll write when I don't feel like writing anything else.

And just out of curiosity, what does everyone think of the new layout? 

- E

P.S. I got a SIGNED copy of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green! Because John Green lives in Indianapolis! HA. Finally, Indiana can be famous for something besides being the host of this year's Super Bowl. And Gunner Kiel.


  1. Hi Ella,
    I found your blog after you visited my blog and I'm glad I did. I'm not a member of FictionPress, actually I've never heard of it, but I just read your first chapter of A Rush of Needles and I think it's great! You are a very talented writer (I wish I was that talented at 15, heck I wish I was that talented now, at 20) and I just wanted to let you know that I'm looking forward to reading more of your story! Keep up the awesome work and I'll make sure to check back often! I'm now following your blog :)

    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot to me :] I really love your blog and I'm following it as well. And I'm glad you liked ARoN; Chapter 1 definitely wasn't my best work ;] and I should have Chapter 2 uploaded tomorrow.

      Thank you so much again! ^-^

  2. That sounds like a great idea, Ella. I love it!

    I also really like the new layout. I pulled up your blog and was like ooooh.

    1. Yay! Thanks Brooke :]
      I definitely spent a lot of time on this layout. It took me forever o.o and I'm glad you like it ^-^


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