Tuesday, February 14

Enter: The Maximum Ride Reading Challenge

Hey guys! Do you like James Patterson? Do you like action packed books? Do you like YA-sci-fi-type-fast-paced-tough-characters-based stories? If your answer to any of these questions was a, "Yes, of course!" then you should read the Maximum Ride series. Better yet--participate in the Max Ride Reading Challenge, hosted by Mag at Geek Chic and yours truly. Participate in discussions, take quizzes, and vote in series-related tourneys, starting in March and lasting until August, during the release of the last book of the series, Nevermore. 


The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson is a series of YA science fiction and fantasy books following the adventures of six fugitive kids who are 98% human and 2% bird, who are out to "save the world". It is, I assure you, action packed and fast paced, a quick read despite the whopping 300 or so pages for some of the books. If you're participating in this challenge and you've already read the series so far, then good for you--read it again! It'll be just as great, I promise. If this is your first time reading the books--well then, yes, I definitely encourage you to participate. And don't worry; spoilers will be carefully monitored.


The Maximum Ride Reading Challenge is to read all of the Maximum Ride books--including Nevermore--in the time span of six months and discuss them all. The challenge starts on March 1st and ends August 31st, during the release of the last book, Nevermore on August 6th. The schedule for the series is currently:

  • MARCH: The Angel Experiment and School's Out--Forever
  • APRIL: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports and The Final Warning
  • MAY: MAX
  • AUGUST: Nevermore
During each month, there will be a place on the MRRC blog where you can post your reviews, discussions, quizzes, games, etc. for the month's current book only. You will not be able to post anything about the future books in the series for fear of spoilers--and trust me, there are many huge twists within the books. If you read at a slower pace, that's perfectly fine. We welcome slow-paced readers. It's just the fast-paced ones we're worried about. You can read as many of the books you like--I mean, feel free to read all six in one month--but please follow the schedule, and remember: no spoilers!
And if you come in late to the challenge--no worries, you can still participate!


Plenty, plenty. Not only will you be able to post your discussions and reviews of the books each month, you will also be able to participate in the following activities per month:
  • Trivia & Assorted Quizzes
  • Debates & Tourneys
  • Polls & Fanart
  • Games & Any other fan-related activities

No. No giveaways. Giveaways are not everything, my friends, especially in a Reading Challenge which the sole purpose is to read and talk about the books.


Go to the Max Ride Reading Challenge Blog and follow! That's the only thing you really have to do. However, it would be lovely if you make a participation post on your blog/web site, or tweet about this, or make a Facebook status...or whatever. Advertisement is key and will make the challenge just more enjoyable! Also, you can grab a button from the blog and post it on your own blog. There is a button for each month (therefore, there is one for each book), so feel free to change the button per month or book. 

Good luck guys! 

- E

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  1. I think that it's great for you to be running something this big, Ella. I've often wondered how I would like Maximum Ride. Maybe if I'm caught up on my reading goal for 2012 by then I'll join in.


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