Saturday, February 25

Things worthy of loving.

First, we have this song:

And this song (I LOVE Titanic):
(I realize it's only part 2 of the song. The original song is actually about 20 minutes long and Youtube doesn't typically allow 20-minute long videos...but you can still find part 1 by clicking on the link in the info box ^-^)

And this movie trailer (of course):

And this movie trailer:

And that is all.
(A pretty meaningless post...but I felt like I had to share all of this amazingness with someone. So. There you go.)

- E


  1. OOOH I LOVE DRIVE BY! And the Hunger Games. I can watch those trailers over and over and over again without getting bored. But no one else in my family has read the books, so when I try to show them, they're just like, "Oh, yeah, great," but they don't understand how MADE OF AWESOME it is!

    1. Every time I watch The Hunger Games trailer I get chills o.o
      Drive By's been stuck in my head since yesterday :]

  2. I haven't heard "Drive By" before, but I loved the first few lines.

    1. I don't usually listen to Train, but Drive By is definitely one of their better songs :]


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